What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived; it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

—Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

About us

Geraldine Engelman, founder of Gerri Engelman & Associates (Pty) Ltd, has worked for over 30 years in community and organizational development with specific focus on broad based black economic empowerment, knowledge, culture, youth, health, education, and the arts.

We are excited to welcome you to Gerri Engelman & Associates. Our sole purpose for establishing the company is to provide a unique service of growth and expansion to any business who dares to be provoked to fulfil their long-time vision. Over the last 16 years we have continuously developed innovative ideas, sustainable programmes for corporate social responsibility, strategies for B-BBEE and administrative support for current and start-up businesses. We see ourselves as a trendsetter who is defying the norm.

What we offer

Our mission

Administer current and cultivate new developmental programmes in line with the codes of good practise (BBBEE), which include but are not limited to strategic discussions, learning and development, monitoring, and evaluation, to ensure Return on Investments.

To ensure that clients have consistent plans, organisational development principles, and criterion, and programme activities for a sustainable investment in South Africa and beyond.

Key objectives

  • Ensure that corporates build capacities by providing skills for graduates, learners, staff, bursars, unemployed young people, and executives through the following mechanisms:
    • Company Skills assessment
    • A well-researched training approach without limitations
    • Partnering with professional accredited organisations and individuals
    • Participants will receive a professional but fun learning experience
    • Develop programmes to suit the environment, industry, level of education and sector to ensure building critical competencies that are vitally important to the participants
  • Assisting with the development of policy and implementation of corporate projects
  • Offering an administrative function where there is no in-house capacity
  • Customize rollout needs including processes, reporting, people and systems
  • Conducting needs analysis to identify specific areas where and how capacity-building requirements can be effectively responded to
  • Guiding and consulting on areas related to BBBEE
  • Ensure that corporates build capacities by providing skills for graduates, learners, staff, bursars, unemployed young people and executives
  • Corporates focusing on social justice interventions with specific focus on:
    • Community development through sustainable projects for growth and self
    • Support for learners through financial & personal development
    • Learnership & graduate programmes for specific target audience and assistance for the Employee Active Population as prescribed by the DOL

Small & medium enterprises

  • Business strategy in line with changing societal demands (Take the risk)
  • Change agents in the community (from social justice to social entrepreneurship)

Global reach

  • How my story of resilience through poverty and politics has shaped my life?

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment compliance for corporates at all levels

  • To ensure a decent BEE score for enhanced business opportunities
  • Access to state funding & public tenders
  • Empowering the South African market to alleviate poverty and participate effectively in the process of transformation

Learner development

  • Development of bursary programmes
  • Assessment of learners
  • Managing funds / fees to universities
  • Support for learners through mentoring, academic support and personal development
  • Sustainability and viability studies of bursary programmes

Proud moments from the founder & director

The founder and director of Gerri Engelman & Associates was awarded the following prestigious honours for her involvement in various projects:

SSP Founding Members

From the very first moment meeting and working with Geraldine, I was instantly impressed by her energy, clarity, heart and soul. Someone that gets the job done in a pragmatic manner, with the emotional intelligence to make any job feel like a breeze.

We were able to collaborate on a few projects where we could make a difference, and Geraldine always stayed true to herself, and true to her roots, always giving back and, like me, never forgetting that growing up she needed to be extraordinary - coming from extremely ordinary circumstances.

I highly recommend her work, and services and she knows any call to me is a yes before I ask what it’s for!

Chad Saaiman
Musician and Entertainment Personality

Contact us

Although based in Johannesburg, Gerri Engelman & Associates participates in local, national, and global interventions based on our vision. We are hands on as a team and travel extensively to support any business that requires assistance. We have developed innovative online support to ensure any climatic and pandemic related challenges.